Busy, busy days here. I’ve finally gotten where I can check my business e-mail after about a e-mail, at least it feels like a month… It looks like I have a pretty busy weekend, which is nice. I have a dinner with my Saturday evening. My group has added a lot of new women coming in, and at first that was hard. But I do feel like I am getting to know everyone. Sunday I’m going to go with friends after church. I’ve been going home with this family a lot of Sundays for years. My family calls them my other parents. And then we’re leaving for Atlanta in exactly a week to meet all my other siblings for Thanksgiving.. I’m really looking forward to having my family together.

I have a confession to make, camping is not really my thing. I do not like sleeping on the ground. Hanging out with family and friends during the day. But I do not like cold showers. Hey, I’m not even that big on roasted marshmallows.. But when I was young and living in Franklin, our church group used to go camping once a year. I think I think I enjoyed that more because I was surrounded by friends. I know that’s where I fell in love with the game yahtzee.. Too tired to remember anymore…

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