I am going out later with friends, and think I am going to stop at that point and not work again until Monday hopefully. Thankfully I am getting through the things I need to this morning.

Last weekend we were in the place I lived when I was four until I was nine. And I ended up getting some time with a friend from grade school. I think we met in the first grade and were pretty close friends from when we met until I had to move away. I know we were always at each other’s hous e, always had each other at our birthday parties.. We were in clubs together at school.. I remember we used to to call green peas stinky socks, something my family still jokes about to this day.

I know there was at least one year when Joanna joined me at my aide’s house for a few days of summer fun. We were near Cherokee, NC, before it became a huge gambling place. I think we went shopping one day.. We just did different girls things.

One of our dear friends from the place also keeps up with Joanna and her mother. And Joanna and I have connected on Facebook. But it was splendid to get sometime to catch up face to face..

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