This is going to be another one post week. Sorry we are going out of town this weekend… And to be honest, I really feel like I’m running out of steam on this. I have had an awful time coming up with ideas for what to write lately. I think I’ll put some more facts about me.

  • I love getting up early. I really enjoy having time to read my bible before doing anything else
  • I’m a people person, but really enjoy getting up and getting all the work I want to do done for the day done first. It makes me feel much more relaxed and able to enjoy myself
  • I am going through a dry time with my writing, and I don’t like it. I’m writing some each day, but it’s a struggle, don’t really like what I’m writing… Talking about fiction writing here, writing business stuff is pretty easy
  • I feel like I’m an awful eater. Oh there are vegetables and fruits that I like, but I like a lot of fast foods. I love desserts.

And now I am going to get back to work. Feeling better for having posted something on this.

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