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Taking the City

February 28, 2015

I’m usually the type of person who likes to get everything done that I want to and then go off and have fun.. That didn’t happen.

Today was The Door’s outreach. Didn’t think I was going. But Mom kind of asked me last minute and I decided getting out of the house would be nice and it was for sure.. We call the outreach Take the City.. We start by gathering in a building for some time of worship. And then we split up into groups.. Mom and I ended up with a couple of people we know from years back as well as several others.. I’m confused what the place we visited was. Guess it was just a park where homeless people and poorer people gather.. One man asked us to pray that everyone who wants to work would find jobs. Pray for them please.. There were children out there. Have no idea of their stories. Didn’t see any parents with them and wasn’t sure if I should ask.

Did not think I Would be able to post today. But glad I did.

The Door

February 21, 2015

I have had some different ideas as to what to write about this week. But a couple of them haven’t wanted to work for me, and as usual for a Saturday I’m tired and want to get the things I have to do done. Work has been fun and busy at the same time.

Let’s see, my sixteen year old brother is dating this girl.. I think we all really like her and her family. Her family has gone to our church for years. But she also likes going to this young adult gathering on Sunday nights. My brother has been going down there with her since September or October… But back in January when I was having troubles with my communication device and was frustrated about that whole thing, Mom suggested that she and I go with them.

Like I’ve said, The Door is a young adult gathering, though some older people do go.. Mom and I have been every week since we started.. Well, I didn’t go last week because I was tired. Going to try to get some more rest today so that doesn’t happen.. The Door seems to focus on evangelism. Besides meetings on Sunday nights, they do a project once a month on Saturdays.

God’s Not Dead

February 14, 2015

I’m glad that today is Saturday… And yes, I am just going to go on and say this, I think this is going to be a one post a week blog. There is a lot to do in my business, lots to learn and figure out out. I’m busy with that through the week.

When I do get tired and can’t k anymore, one of the things I like to do is watch movies. And I’m a big supporter of these Christian movies they’re coming out with… And one of my favorites of those isĀ God’s Not Dead.

It’s a story about a Christian college student whose philosophy professor just wants him and everyone in the class to write God is dead. He is the only one that refuses to do the “simple task”. No one wants the young man to take this on. His parents and girlfriend worry that he is going to get a bad grade and maybe get a bad reputation throughout his college career. And the debates he and his professor are having is on school time.. But it’s incredible to watch how everything unfolds.

I would highly recommend high school students watch it with their parents. There is a lot to this movie. But I think Everyone needs to watch it.

Where I’ve been

February 6, 2015

There are rumorsgoing around that we might have some guests this weekend, so I’m trying to get what I can done this afternoon, so that if they come I can hang out with them.

My communication device has been sent off for repairs, and my hope is that they are going to fix a lot of things on my device so that maybe I won’t have computer problems for a while. I have a loaner device now which is working really well. But for a couple of weeks I was working with a keyboard only, Hooking a keyboard to my communication device, couldn’t use a mouse at all… I was extremely limited in what I could do during those couple of weeks.. And for the most part I didn’t take the set up out anywhere, it was pretty frustrating not to be able to really talk to anyone. . I was grateful to have any kind of communication during that time, but was so excited to get this!

I am going to go get to some other things…