Where I’ve been

There are rumorsgoing around that we might have some guests this weekend, so I’m trying to get what I can done this afternoon, so that if they come I can hang out with them.

My communication device has been sent off for repairs, and my hope is that they are going to fix a lot of things on my device so that maybe I won’t have computer problems for a while. I have a loaner device now which is working really well. But for a couple of weeks I was working with a keyboard only, Hooking a keyboard to my communication device, couldn’t use a mouse at all… I was extremely limited in what I could do during those couple of weeks.. And for the most part I didn’t take the set up out anywhere, it was pretty frustrating not to be able to really talk to anyone. . I was grateful to have any kind of communication during that time, but was so excited to get this!

I am going to go get to some other things…


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