God’s Not Dead

I’m glad that today is Saturday… And yes, I am just going to go on and say this, I think this is going to be a one post a week blog. There is a lot to do in my business, lots to learn and figure out out. I’m busy with that through the week.

When I do get tired and can’t k anymore, one of the things I like to do is watch movies. And I’m a big supporter of these Christian movies they’re coming out with… And one of my favorites of those is God’s Not Dead.

It’s a story about a Christian college student whose philosophy professor just wants him and everyone in the class to write God is dead. He is the only one that refuses to do the “simple task”. No one wants the young man to take this on. His parents and girlfriend worry that he is going to get a bad grade and maybe get a bad reputation throughout his college career. And the debates he and his professor are having is on school time.. But it’s incredible to watch how everything unfolds.

I would highly recommend high school students watch it with their parents. There is a lot to this movie. But I think Everyone needs to watch it.


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