The Door

I have had some different ideas as to what to write about this week. But a couple of them haven’t wanted to work for me, and as usual for a Saturday I’m tired and want to get the things I have to do done. Work has been fun and busy at the same time.

Let’s see, my sixteen year old brother is dating this girl.. I think we all really like her and her family. Her family has gone to our church for years. But she also likes going to this young adult gathering on Sunday nights. My brother has been going down there with her since September or October… But back in January when I was having troubles with my communication device and was frustrated about that whole thing, Mom suggested that she and I go with them.

Like I’ve said, The Door is a young adult gathering, though some older people do go.. Mom and I have been every week since we started.. Well, I didn’t go last week because I was tired. Going to try to get some more rest today so that doesn’t happen.. The Door seems to focus on evangelism. Besides meetings on Sunday nights, they do a project once a month on Saturdays.


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