First, I want to say that I did write something on this this past weekend. Sadly I think I lost that. Last weekend was a lot of fun for me. Friday night our city had this huge event called Unity Night. It was held at this big amphitheater. We had a lot of great Christian music and things like that. It was a nice evening to hang out with friends. Unity Night was put on by people from The Door.

And then that Sunday was our annual church picnic with Christ Community. That is always fun. This past Sunday I felt like I got to catch up with several dear friends which is always fun.

Tomorrow evening Christ Community is going to kick off a new women’s ministry.. We’ve had women’s ministries in the past. But somehow they always seem to fall through. We will see what happens with that.

We think my grandparents will be here about another month.. Things are kind of getting rough with Grandpa.. He’s just difficult to live with. Please pray for all of us.


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