It is Friday, and once again I’m feeling like if I do not do this now, it’s likely not going to happen.. Just wish I knew what to write about

I have a sister who is two years younger than I am, and she and I have always been close. We are the only two who have gone to public school.. I was starting sixth grade when we started homeschooling, and she was in fourth. By the time she started sixth grade, we were in the same group at church and shared many of the same friends.. And slowly she and I did more of the same schoolwork.. She also helped Mom a lot with my care.

Her moving out was probably the most painful for me, because she and I did most everything together. It didn’t help that she was going to live with my favorite aunt. She met her husband there, and thankfully they moved just a couple of hours away from us a few years into their marriage. They have two beautiful children, I’m not at all prejudiced about that.


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