It has kind of been a long week.. Let’s see, where to start?. Okay, last Saturday I was told that we were leaving on a trip to go see old friends the following day. My only concern was that I wouldn’t have internet to be able to work. Sunday we did go to church before leaving. And that’s when we got the call. Grandpa was in the hospital with pneumonia. Honestly he’s been in and out of the hospital several times lately, and so I didn’t think too much of it.. Not at that point anyway.

Monday we spent with dear friends. And I was surprised to get pretty good internet there. I got a good bit of work done.

Tuesday we left one place we used to live to another place we used to live. On the drive over Mom was talking on the phone, telling people that Grandpa was very slowly recovering. But he wasn’t talking anymore. Grandpa had always been a talker, and I kind of thought there might be more to his “getting better”… It could have been no more than a couple of hours since we got the call. Grandpa had died. His heart gave out.

Grandpa had dimentia for years and was getting more difficult to take care of. He had a lot of trouble hearing and seeing. He was 89, and in many ways I feel like it was time for him to go on..


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