Where I’ve been…

To be honest, I’m itching to sit and read a while. I’m tired of working, and just feel rather bleh.. The last two weekends have been chocked full of good time with family and friends.. This weekend, I’m hoping to see some friends Sunday. Other than that I don’t think I have any plans.?. Kind of missing being with people I love.

The weekend before last was my grandfather’s funeral… Grandpa had been unwell, both pphysically and mentally for a long time. We had decided to put him into a home, and I know he was pretty unhappy where he was.. He got sick and then his heart gave out on him.. Anyway, most of my family gathered for the funeral.. That day felt so crazy. There were just things we had done; meet for breakfast, get on to the funeral, have lunch with everyone that came, and then we gathered as just family at the burial site. After that we did get to go to a hotel and have some time to sit relax together.. Being at the hotel was nice. But my plan was to drive home with Mom and one of my brothers that night. My sisters were going to spend the weekend with my favorite aunt and her family. And I was so sad that I couldn’t be part of the weekend fun. Feels like I get less and less time with my aunt.. But at the last minute it was decided that I could go with my sisters.. We had an awesome time. My aunt had just bought a house with a pool. And most my cousins spent the day there hanging at the pool.

Then last weekend was my brother’s wedding. Again I got to see a lot of family and friends.. But now my brother and his new wife have moved across the country. And to me things feel too quiet.. Oh, I have gotten a lot of work done.. But now I’m feeling at loose ends.


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