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Random thoughts

October 31, 2015

I thought I did this last night. But honestly, I wrote it quickly and without a lot of thought.. This has been kind of a special week for my family. Some prayers we’ve been praying for a long time have been answered. We’ve been asked to keep the specifics quiet. Just be praying. God has been doing some amazing things, but there is still more that needs to be worked out.

I feel like I’m kind of just doing the things I feel like I have to do day by day. But I’m not getting anymore clients. And I need to figure something out. I am going to start working on that either later today or next week.

I still write some fiction, but I don’t know where any of that is going. I’ve write some most every day, but feel like I don’t know how to finish anything.

I’ve never really been into Halloween or anything scary. It’s just not my thing.. But oh, I love Thanksgiving and Christmas. I love the anticipation, the music, the decorations, the parties. And I love the time we spend with family over the holidays, so many wonderful memories.

A gala celebrating life

October 23, 2015

This has not been a normal week at all for me. We went out of town. And for different reasons I wasn’t able to get online. We got home Wednesday afternoon, and I worked some that afternoon and evening. I got pretty much done yesterday during that day. But yesterday evening was the gala for our local pregnancy center.

Our Center here is called Sound Choices. They have just purchased a mobile clinic. And they’re now negotiating a place where they can be pretty near where abortions take place… I went with my parents, and there were three other ladies from our church at our table.

Sound Choices has helped many women make the right decisions for themselves and their babies. They have a gala every other year, and I think they’ve helped around six hundred women over the past two years.

I’ve gone to several of these dinners, and they have a Christian ccomedian come speak. I really enjoyed last night’s speaker.. One of the things that impressed me was that people seemed to be so important to him.. It was truly a special evening.

October 15, 2015

I’m tired. Work seems never ending.. Don’t think I am going to feel anymore like doing this tomorrow or Saturday though.. I have several major projects trying to work on in my business. I’m thoroughly enjoying it..

Now working on my novel? I haven’t had any good ideas on that in what feels like a long time. I am really not sure what to do there. I don’t want to give up writing altogether. But I’m not giving much time to it these days either.. Really not sure what to do there.. And I don’t feel like I’m doing well on this either..

I don’t like Halloween. I’ve never liked scary anything. I’m not a big fan of orange or black. Seeing what kids dress up as is sometimes fun.. But after that comes Thanksgiving and Christmas. And I love those holidays. It is going to be so nice to be with family. Can not wait!

Once Upon a Time

October 8, 2015

It’s been one of those week… I’ve been kind of doing the necessary things to maintain my business, writing my blog and keeping up with e-mail. But I’m not doing too much else. Don’t feel like it. My sister and I have gotten into a show.. It’s not often I get into a show like this.. I mean, especially not an American show, I love British dramas.

But this show is called “Once Upon a Time”. The show goes into a lot of backstory on the fairy tales. The main characters are Snow White and Prince Charming and their family. And yes, the evil queen is another major character. She’s kind of the bad guy.. So they do a lot of backstory, but they also come to our world.. It’s really interesting. And it’s fun to have something fun like this to do in the evenings.

October 2, 2015

If you haven’t guessed, I’m kind of running out of ideas for this blog.. To me, writing on my travel blog is easy is usually pretty easy because I can look at the travel news and write from that… Work, sighs. I’ve kind of felt discombulated all week. My sister and I took a trip, and I thought we would be back earlier Tuesday and I would be able to work some. For several reasons, I did not work Tuesday. We got back later than I thought. We’re looking for my evening aide. My lunch aide is wonderful. Sadly we’ve lost a couple of good evening aides. And right now we can never be sure who is coming or when.. We’ve had things to do at church each evening, so I’m trying to get all my work and some writing done each day.. Yeah, things have just been kind of crazy lately.. But I do like working, I’m enjoying writing, and I enjoy being at church with friends.