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On my mind

January 30, 2016

Our pastor has kind of been taken us through our core values lately… We are to love God with everything that we have. We are to grow in our Walk with him.. I think I have those first two.. But the third value is community, and I’m not sure I have that really..

This past week has been somewhat crazy. We’ve been watching my niece and nephew. And I’ve been kind of keeping up with the necessary things with work, but then enjoying a lot of fun times too.

However, most my weeks I spend most my time in my bedroom working. I’m among between groups at church. I’m trying to get back into group, but figuring out a group where rides and everything works is hard.. Sunday is my day to go to church, and then I usually go home with friends, and I love that.. I would just like to find a group too.. Sometimes I don’t really leave my neighborhood during the week.. We are working on figuring this out.

About the book

January 23, 2016

I’m kind of busy today, and am trying to get to some other things. Besides I want everyone to know that I’ve started writing a book.

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I’m talking to someone about doing a booking. Hopefully this become a lot more common, but right now I’m kind of distracted.

Yesterday I started writing this book that I’ve told you about. It is going to take me a while to get everything the way I want it, but I wanted to share the basic premise of the book.

By now, most everyone knows that I love the family.. I’m a big proponent of traditional marriage, of couples marrying and staying together for life and raising families together.. But today’s family is often so busy. A lot of families have both of the parents working. Kids are in school, and often have sports and other activities they’re involved in. I guess my big question is, are we just too busy to connect deeply with our families?

And so as I am going through business strategy, when I’m thinking about…

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Three things

January 9, 2016
  • Most of my family got together between Christmas and New Year’s, and I thoroughly enjoyed the time with my siblings. We went to the science museum one day. Another day we went shopping. And on New Year’s Eve we siblings went out. I loved having time with my siblings. It was great to catch up with everyone.
  • I kind of miss gathering with grandparents and cousins at holiday times. But I guess it’s part of growing up.. Actually we did get to see one cousin and his family for a day and that was fun.. And we’re hopefully going to have a cousins gathering sometime this summer.
  • I love going on trips to see family and friends. But it is nice to be home and getting back to normal life.