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February 27, 2016

First please keep praying for my aide situation. I think this week has been somewhat better, but we could still use prayer.

I could also use prayer for my business. I enjoy what I do with no question, but getting clients [or guests as we’re told to call them] is still not easy. I do have sme ideas. But these things take time.. I do enjoy this and am willing to put in the time..

I am going to turn forty in April. That’s hard to believe. Many people still think I’m twenty.. It sounds like I am going to have a party. I am going to work on the invitations later..

I’m surprised by how much I’ve gotten done today. Everything I usually do for work is done, and I still think I have plenty of time to do personal stuff.

February 20, 2016

Saturday is kind of my day to tie up loose ends and make sure everything is done for the week.. I’m also deciding what has to be done and what will keep. By Saturdays I’m kind of tired.

  • If you think about it, please be praying for my aide situation. We usually have someone coming at lunch time and then someone coming in the evening. I love the girl coming in the evening. But we need to find someone for the lunch. We’ve had some girls try but nothing has worked out well.
  • I’m someone who really likes having something to do. I tend to get bored easily. Having my communication device also be my computer is great and is likely spoiling me. Even when I can’t get online, I can write, of course I have my Kindle app to read.
  • But especially at the end of the day/week, my body gets tired of being in the wheelchair. I like listening to books on tape. I also like watching movies at home on the couch. I like a lot of old movies. I think clean romantic comedy is my favorite genre.


February 13, 2016

I’m a person that loves my job, and I try to work hard six days a week. But I love my Sundays too..

Working from home, I work in my bedroom most of the time. My aide in the evening usually takes me on a walk so that I’ll at least get out of the house. But there are weeks where I don’t leave the neighborhoods.

I’ve heard that on your sabbath, you’re supposed to do different things, things that you enjoy. And I do that.. I love our church. I love being part of our worship services. And for me it’s also really nice to have time to talk to friends.

I met this couple back in ’08, a mutual friend mention me to the lady. We first met to go eat Mexican food after church… And now unless ne of is busy we get together each week after church. For me, it’s again nice to get out with friends, nice to be doing something different… We’ll eat out somewhere or get something to take to their house and eat there. And then we’ll watch a movie or something..

Once I get home I’ll usually write in my journal and kind of get ready to start my work week.

Three things

February 6, 2016

It’s Saturday, and I have several things I want to do today. Not exactly sure how much I am going to get to, but I am going to try.

  • I am crazy about my family. I love the times we get together. I especially like it when all eight of us get together, and don’t get me started on when my cousins and everyone join us.. I can’t say much, but right now my precious family needs prayer and to just see a miracle..
  • I’m working on this book.. Praying for more time to work on it because it’s just going to be a huge project. I am going to need to write the book, figure out whether I want to do about publishing it. I’m also needing to figure out to promote it.. My head is already spinning just thinking about it.
  • And one of the things I am planning to write about is work/life balance. I’m not sure I have that one figured out for myself.. But granted, it seems a little more complicated when you are disabled.. Not sure what to do about this.