Three things

It’s Saturday, and I have several things I want to do today. Not exactly sure how much I am going to get to, but I am going to try.

  • I am crazy about my family. I love the times we get together. I especially like it when all eight of us get together, and don’t get me started on when my cousins and everyone join us.. I can’t say much, but right now my precious family needs prayer and to just see a miracle..
  • I’m working on this book.. Praying for more time to work on it because it’s just going to be a huge project. I am going to need to write the book, figure out whether I want to do about publishing it. I’m also needing to figure out to promote it.. My head is already spinning just thinking about it.
  • And one of the things I am planning to write about is work/life balance. I’m not sure I have that one figured out for myself.. But granted, it seems a little more complicated when you are disabled.. Not sure what to do about this.

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