Saturday is kind of my day to tie up loose ends and make sure everything is done for the week.. I’m also deciding what has to be done and what will keep. By Saturdays I’m kind of tired.

  • If you think about it, please be praying for my aide situation. We usually have someone coming at lunch time and then someone coming in the evening. I love the girl coming in the evening. But we need to find someone for the lunch. We’ve had some girls try but nothing has worked out well.
  • I’m someone who really likes having something to do. I tend to get bored easily. Having my communication device also be my computer is great and is likely spoiling me. Even when I can’t get online, I can write, of course I have my Kindle app to read.
  • But especially at the end of the day/week, my body gets tired of being in the wheelchair. I like listening to books on tape. I also like watching movies at home on the couch. I like a lot of old movies. I think clean romantic comedy is my favorite genre.

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