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Reflections on the the event that changed everything

March 26, 2016

Once again it’s Saturday afternoon, and I’m tired. I’m finished with all of the work stff I want to do. I have some personal stuff I want to get to.

I don’t know if this is something that a lot of people do. But especially around Christmas and Easter, or Resurrection Sunday as I’m hearing people starting to call it, I think a lot about what was going on during the different times.. My family has attended Passover dinners in the past, and I enjoy those a lot. All the ceremony surrounding that meal ffascinate sme.

On Good Fridays I often think about which side I would have been on. I think I would have been on the side of Jesus. But surely the teachers changed many people’s minds between the beautiful Palm Sunday and that awful Friday morning when so many shouted “Crucify Him”. How did they do that?

Would I have kept on believing in the face of Jesus’ death? I mean, He was dead. What more could happen?

And I would love to know what it would be like not to know the end of the story. I do not remember hearing the story for the very first time

Saturday musings

March 19, 2016

I know I didn’t post last Saturday. Mom went to a sidewalk counseling training thing last Saturday. It was a very interesting ┬ápresentation. Most of it was done through videoes. We started that morning, stopped for lunch, and then did some more in the afternoon.

I’m not sure how true this still is, but I know at one time people used to use slogans like “baby killers” and things. But people who are now going to the abortion clinics these days are going in trying to show love to the women going into these places. These women are hurting, they’re scared and aren’t sure which way to turn. Usually there are other problems, like financial problems or troubles in their personal lives. We want to help these women. Pregnancy resource centers can help women with clothes, food and shelter. These centers are also connected to adoption agencies if the women decide that they do not want to keep their babies.

We’ve had family here since Wednesday. It’s been nice to have everyone here. I’ve kind of kept up with my blog and e-mail, but have also gone and done some fun family things. It’s been fun.

Exciting times

March 5, 2016

As usual it’s Saturday, and I’m tired. I’ve done what I consider necessary with work. Now to do personal stuff.. I’m sorry, this blog is not getting much of my time or brain power. I haven’t even written on my novel much this week. I’m working a lot on my business.

  • My baby brother is coming home for a visit. He and his bride live pretty far off. And I’m wondering if some of my other siblings are going to come to visit.
  • We are hopefully going to have a cousins’ reunion Memorial Day weekend. I haven’t seen my Grandma since August at Grandpa’s funeral. And that was a crazy day and not really a day to visit. We are going to gather at my favorite aunt’s. It is going to be wonderful to see everyone.
  • My baby brother is going to be a Dad this June. Being an aunt is one of my favorite things. Mom and I will be going out to welcome the baby.