Exciting times

As usual it’s Saturday, and I’m tired. I’ve done what I consider necessary with work. Now to do personal stuff.. I’m sorry, this blog is not getting much of my time or brain power. I haven’t even written on my novel much this week. I’m working a lot on my business.

  • My baby brother is coming home for a visit. He and his bride live pretty far off. And I’m wondering if some of my other siblings are going to come to visit.
  • We are hopefully going to have a cousins’ reunion Memorial Day weekend. I haven’t seen my Grandma since August at Grandpa’s funeral. And that was a crazy day and not really a day to visit. We are going to gather at my favorite aunt’s. It is going to be wonderful to see everyone.
  • My baby brother is going to be a Dad this June. Being an aunt is one of my favorite things. Mom and I will be going out to welcome the baby.

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