Saturday musings

I know I didn’t post last Saturday. Mom went to a sidewalk counseling training thing last Saturday. It was a very interesting  presentation. Most of it was done through videoes. We started that morning, stopped for lunch, and then did some more in the afternoon.

I’m not sure how true this still is, but I know at one time people used to use slogans like “baby killers” and things. But people who are now going to the abortion clinics these days are going in trying to show love to the women going into these places. These women are hurting, they’re scared and aren’t sure which way to turn. Usually there are other problems, like financial problems or troubles in their personal lives. We want to help these women. Pregnancy resource centers can help women with clothes, food and shelter. These centers are also connected to adoption agencies if the women decide that they do not want to keep their babies.

We’ve had family here since Wednesday. It’s been nice to have everyone here. I’ve kind of kept up with my blog and e-mail, but have also gone and done some fun family things. It’s been fun.


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