I was actually considering not doing this. No ideas were coming to me. But the rest of the weekends of April look really busy and fun. And I do have an idea now.

A friend came to the house and was talking about how quiet this place is. She has five young children of her own. I’ve been over to her house, and yes, it is loud.. And maybe part of why everything feels so quiet now is that for so many years it was anything but quiet.

I am the oldest of eight. Mom home schooled all of us. And even when we were not doing schoolwork, Mom made sure everyone did their share of chores. Well, okay, I didn’t help all that much. Seeing to my needs was part of what needed to be done each day. All my siblings helped care for my needs.

But it is now me and one of my sisters living here. And that sister helps me a lot, especially when my parents go out of town.. The quiet is nice. But it is so fun to have my siblings or friends around


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