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Confessions again

May 28, 2016

First, I’ve been pleased with myself with both things I wrote about last week. I have bought one book this week, that is part of a series I’ve been reading. And I’ve decided to put checking news into my morning routine after doing my quiet tim. I’m very unimpressed with Trump, but don’t think there is much we can do at this point.

Originally this blog was about my writing. I’m still working on this book that should help me grow my business. That is kind of going slowly, actually everything is. We have a lot going on in my family these days, and I’m getting to my necessary things each day, but not much more than that. But I do not want to waste time with my family, the quiet will return once more, I’m afraid.. Anyway , I’m also starting to put some articles together. But I haven’t sent anything out yet. I’m excited to start sending things out, but very nervous about it too. Rejection is part of a writer’s life, I know this. Please pray for me there.


May 21, 2016
  • Have you ever tried to make something a habit that just would not stick? Reading is one of my favorite things to do. But I find it hard to read the news.. Oh, I read the travel, but I have to read that in order to write my blog each day. But normal news? I might read it once a month. I know that’s not what I should to do, but can’t seem to make myself do better.. I’ve read some today, figuring it was time to learn something about the presidential race. I do not like either candidate, really would have liked to see someone like Ben Carson win. But that obviously didn’t happen.
  • I’ve never smoked anything. I’ve tried wine and beer, really don’t like any of that.. Now I do love chocolate and most desserts. But I feel like my main “addiction” might be fiction. I love having a kindle on this that allows me to read by mysel. I get a daily e-mail with book bargains. It isn’t unusual for me to get four or five books a week. I feel like I need to slow down on that for a while. I’m not reading nearly that much..

Three things

May 7, 2016

gI’m so glad it’s Saturday. I’m just really tired and have a few things s I want to do before I leave work alone for a while.

  • There’s just a lot going on with my family these days. I guess when you’re one of eight children, that’s going to be somewhat true no matter when you ask. But right now things just heavy in a lot of ways.
  • I’ve kind of been feeling need to take a week off of work. I love my job, I’m just feeling tired in a lot of ways. Taking a break is going to help me recharge and get back in the game better.
  • I have some books I want to read. Reading is a big part of what I do for fun. I have gotten a couple books in a series that I love, I’ve kind of been reading a little on and off, hoping to read more once I’m finished with everything else.. Anyway, those are my three things.