• Have you ever tried to make something a habit that just would not stick? Reading is one of my favorite things to do. But I find it hard to read the news.. Oh, I read the travel, but I have to read that in order to write my blog each day. But normal news? I might read it once a month. I know that’s not what I should to do, but can’t seem to make myself do better.. I’ve read some today, figuring it was time to learn something about the presidential race. I do not like either candidate, really would have liked to see someone like Ben Carson win. But that obviously didn’t happen.
  • I’ve never smoked anything. I’ve tried wine and beer, really don’t like any of that.. Now I do love chocolate and most desserts. But I feel like my main “addiction” might be fiction. I love having a kindle on this that allows me to read by mysel. I get a daily e-mail with book bargains. It isn’t unusual for me to get four or five books a week. I feel like I need to slow down on that for a while. I’m not reading nearly that much..

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