Saturday thoughts

It’s Saturday, and I know that there is more I could be doing with work. The things I could be doing never seem to end. But I have done the things I’ve to do ch day, and I’m probably going to do some personal things and call it a week. And right now the biggest reason is I’m ready to be out of this wheelchair for a good while. Tomorrow is Sunday, and I’m looking forward to a day with friends.

My communication device is my computer, and for the most part I love it. I used to have a communication device that hooked up to a computer. I think I like having everything together. Sometimes I would unplug myself from the computer and have to wait until someone could come fix it. And of course there were times that one or the other would stop working, and sometimes we would have to wait a couple of weeks to get everything working again.. I find that I do pretty well with not working on stuff if I don’t want to, and I always have my kindle with me, and Facebook if I have internet.

My Grandma died Sunday before last. We’ll have the funeral this coming Thursday. Grandma was the last grandparent I had and probably my favorite. Sighs, I would have loved one more visit with her before her stroke. Before the stroke she was fine. She could do everything for herself and was very clear thinking. We made a trip to see her after the stroke, but she was just in bed, and was able to write notes, but was not able to talk.. The wonderful news is I have peace from the last visit that she did trust the Lord and so I will see her again.

The other good news? My baby brother is about to have a baby. Mom and I will be going out to meet the baby and help out.. Being an aunt might be my favorite part of life.

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