I’m tired and want to finish everything I want to do and then just read. I’m reading an excellent book and want to get back to it.

  • Grandma’s funeral was Thursday. It’s still sad to think about her being gone. I miss her.. Grandma’s was a simple life. She did work outside the home, working at a doctor’s office and doing a lot of volunteer work. But her life was mostly about loving and helping others. She did not like to cook at all, but she always made sure we ate well when we were visiting. She didn’t like anyone making a fuss over her birthday, but she loved making others’ birthdays special… In fact, my nephew had a birthday when we were visiting Grandma the last time. She was no longer able to speak, but she had her paper and pen and kept giving orders on what she wanted done for the birthday guy.
  • I wouldn’t say going to the funeral was fun. I would have loved some more time with her. But I love being with my extended family. We don’t get together much sadly. Personally I think we need to work on that.. But when we do get together it’s so fun. Our times are full of stories, laughter and good food.

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