I am going to camp

First, let me be clear. I am going to camp, not camping. Camping is something you do with your family and maybe some friends. You’re sleeping on the ground, yuk. I like to camp and be around family and friends during the day, cooking on a fire. But I sleep better in a bed, sorry, my name does mean princess.

Camp is somewhere you do where you’re meeting a lot of new people, you sleep in cabins. Other people make your food while you’re doing the different camp activities, like worship, getting to know your fellow campers, swimming, hiking, things like that.

Isn’t that for kids, you might ask? You’re forty, right? Yes, they do have camps for older people, especially when they’re disabled.. A dear friend of mine has asked me to go to this camp for a couple of years now. Things just didn’t work out.. I think we were having our summer family gathering at least one year… And honestly , I didn’t think things would work out this year, but they did.

I don’t know a whole lot about this camp yet. I’ll write about my experience when I get back.


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