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Random thoughts

September 24, 2016

Another Saturday.. I have several big projects I want to do for work. Writing that book, writing some articles to get my name out there more, getting some business ebooks read and hopefully making a better business plan. I was really thinking I would try to work more than I usually do on Saturdays, but I’ve hit that wall and don’t think I’d do well on any of my plans. I know I’ll do better leaving everything for a time and coming back fresher Monday.

I do not like what is going on in this country right now. All the violence is heartbreaking. And I don’t know what needs to happen politically. But the thing we need most in this country is revival.. We need to respect government and each other’s property. We need to respect ourselves enough to see that the proper place for sex is marriage. We need to learn that it is good to work to mke a living and not expect the government to give us what we need. God gives us what we need, not the government. Every single life matters, no matter what color, how old or young we are.. We need revival people.

I am going to go do some other things, personal e-mail. And then I am going to get off of this computer for a while.

Nice things about Fall

September 17, 2016

It’s Saturday, and I’m ready to be through with everything I want to do today. I have a book I want to finish. But I want to get everything else done first. I’m tired. I worked a lot this week, and feel ready to step away from computer stuff for a while.

Fall still feels like a dream. The days are getting to be just a little bit cooler. And I do see some leaves on the ground. Let me tell some things I like about Fall.

  • I like that I’m not doing as much traveling as we did this summer. I know of only one tip I am going on besides holiday travel.. There is one other trip I might do, but I’m still waiting to hear if that will work.
  • I love wearing more clothes, maning socks, long pants and shirts. To me those things are the most comfortable. I also feel like I look nicer wearing things like that.
  • I like that it gets dark earlier. There’s just something cozy about working in the dark.
  • I’m not the biggest fan of vegetables in general, but I do love sweet potatoes made up into casseroles. I like them baked too.


September 10, 2016

I’ve bought a book I think I am going to love. It’s another Karen Kingsbury. I’m ready to finish up my personal stuff and read some. Not sure how much time I have. But anyway…

I’ve been thinking about the anniversary that will take place tomorrow. Maybe it’s because we live near an army base, and we’ve known many who have gone and thankfully all have returned. The first several years after 9/11 was full of sending people off and welcoming them home. Bh were times of gatherings, praying together, having those last conversations. And then we looked forward to welcoming them home on the other side of deployment.

I’m sorry, but I’m tired. I’ve worked a lot this week. Feel pretty good about what I have accomplished. But I’m about ready for some downtime. I’m glad tomorrow is Sunday, and that we have church and then hopefully I am going to do something for friends.

Another Saturday

September 3, 2016

I ended up not doing much personal stuff last Saturday, and ended up doing it Sunday instead. Didn’t really like doing it that way.. Guess the worst part is that I didn’t relly get any extra rest. And that ‘s something I really try to make a priority on Sundays.

This week has been somewhat crazier than usual because aides have been in and out a lot. People do things differently. Everyone seems to have a different sense of time.

I feel like I have managed to keep up with work pretty well. Sometimes I had to start much later than I would normally like. But things have gotten done.

I like this show called “Once Upon a Time”, my sister and I will kind of watch it in spurts.. It brings different fairy tales to life.. My parents don’t love it. Especially not after the first season. But to me, it’s a fairly clean show..