Nice things about Fall

It’s Saturday, and I’m ready to be through with everything I want to do today. I have a book I want to finish. But I want to get everything else done first. I’m tired. I worked a lot this week, and feel ready to step away from computer stuff for a while.

Fall still feels like a dream. The days are getting to be just a little bit cooler. And I do see some leaves on the ground. Let me tell some things I like about Fall.

  • I like that I’m not doing as much traveling as we did this summer. I know of only one tip I am going on besides holiday travel.. There is one other trip I might do, but I’m still waiting to hear if that will work.
  • I love wearing more clothes, maning socks, long pants and shirts. To me those things are the most comfortable. I also feel like I look nicer wearing things like that.
  • I like that it gets dark earlier. There’s just something cozy about working in the dark.
  • I’m not the biggest fan of vegetables in general, but I do love sweet potatoes made up into casseroles. I like them baked too.

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