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Saturday thoughts

October 22, 2016

Another Saturday.. We were at my aunt’s last weekend. I always have fun when we get together with her and her family, and never want to leave when it’s time to go home. She’s my favorite aunt, and she has always tended to spoil me. We love to go out to breakfast together so we can get sometime to actually talk.. We didn’t get out to breakfast by ourselves this time, the time was so short. And the point of this visit was for all of Mom’s siblings to have sometime together.. I got to spend some good time with several of my cousins, catching up with them.

I’m trying to become a genie with the Make A Wish Foundation. What I’m hoping, what I would love, is for them to give me some trips to work on as I work on other things, like my book, to grow my business.. Want to ┬ádo some trips.. But really not sure I want to know how the children’s stories end.. I’m hopefully going to be talking to the organization more this coming week..

It’s Saturday, and I have a sister who is visiting, and I’m starting to get that “I don’t want to be on the computer” feeling, so I am going to close..

Saturday thoughts

October 8, 2016

I know I’m not going to post next Saturday. I am going to be hanging out with family next weekend. I’m very excited to be going. We are going to be hanging out with Mom’s sisters and brother, and we’ll likel see several of my cousins too. I love spending time with family. Everyone tends to spoil me.

I’m also just excited to have something fun to do on the weekend. My weekends have been pretty slow lately. My weeks are pretty much spent on the computer, working on my business. Weekends I like being out with friends and family, doing things.

I may have plans with someone tomorrow.. But I think weekends are going to get busier again. And I’m getting excited about that.

Work is going all right. I’ve had some different computer problems lately.. That’s always fun, ha ha ha. I’ve figured out some problems and am still working on others. It will work out.. Computer problems seems to come in waves for me. I’ll get through this, I know I will..