Working from home

We were with dear friends who are going through a rough time last weekend. I kind of ran through everything I had to do for work, but didn’t do much else.. But anyway..

For the most part, I really like being able to work anywhere I have my communication device and wifi. It’s nice to be able to be able to go somewhere, and still be able to get some things done. while still enjoying friends.. And as a disabled person, it’s great to have everything right here where I can get to it without having to ask anyone for anything. I can work by myself for hours on end..

The thing that I do find kind of frustrating is that some weeks I don’t really leave my neighborhood much. My aides take me for walks so that I do get out of the house most days. But we’re still trying to find a good home group situation for me.. But I have kind of a surprise thing to do tonight. Tomorrow is church and then an afternoon with friends… I enjoy this life for the most part. I like getting things done, and then going off and having fun.


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