Being grateful

First of all, I’m grateful that today is Saturday, and that I’ve decided to set aside work until Monday morning. I’ve worked a lot this week, and I’m tired.. Amazingly, I did get some good stuff done today.

I most likely will not write this coming Saturday. We’ll be with friends. So I am going to do my grateful post today.

  • I have an awesome family, all of whom I know loves me and would do anything for me.. And I still know this when they drive me crazy, which they do from time to time. If I didn’t have family, how would I be an aunt? And being an aunt is one of my greatest joys.
  • I also have a great church family. Church is how I spend most Of the time when I’m not working. I have a lot of really good friends within our church. And that is a blessing to me.
  • I’m also very grateful to have a communication device which allows me to do so much on my own. I can sit and keep myself busy most the day without needing much help from anyone else. And I love it.

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