I’m the type of person that likes to do things in order. I like doing the most important things first.. Like always have my quiet time first thing in the morning, and then I try to get to my work.. Well, sometimes I try to write first. I go back and forth on whether to write first or go on and get all my travel agent work done..

This week, writing has not happened much.. I’ve made my first booking in a long time. I’m pretty excited about that.. And the even more exciting news is that I’m talking to someone else about what could be a large booking.

‘ve Ibeen busy with work, and thoroughly enjoying that.. And then there’s just.. It’s December guys. It’s holiday time. And ’tis the season to do fun things, especially in the evenings.. I’ve been known to work in the evenings, when there’s nothing else going on. But when friends come over, or when we have an outing, I’m not going to sit in my room and work unless I feel like I have to.. I’m just not.

We are going to be with my family for the week before Christmas. My plan is not to work at all that week. I don’t think writing is going to be a big priority this month.

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