Saturday thoughts

It’s been a good, and yet full and kind of crazy, week… When it comes to my social life, most the people I do anything with on a regular basis are people from my church. Sometimes I wonder how much of that is because I work for myself from home, and how much is because I’m disabled..

Anyway, our church had some special meetings this week. We had meetings from Sunday to Wednesday each evening. The meetings were wonderful. We were inviting the Lord to come into our midst and make us more alive in Him. We were also asking Him to give us more love for Him, for one another, and for the world.

I enjoyed the meetings a good bit.. I also have two new aides coming in the evenings. One does Monday, Wednesday and Friday, and the other does Tuesday and Thursday. There is always a learning curve when new aides come.

Unfortunately, I’ve also been having some wrongly with my computer battery not charging right.. But let me say right here that we’ve found ways to get it to charge. I’ve never been wihout ta device. And for that, I’m truly grateful. That about sums up my week. How about yours?

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