Pro life

I am going to try to write something that makes sense, but I’m to the place in my weekend afternoon where I just want to get my stuff done and then not think anymore for a while.

I believe in life. I believe that life begins at conception. God blesses most of us with children and families.. I know people get pregnant in difficult circumstances. I also know that there are families that would love to take these children and welcome them into their families.

Black Lives Matter.. All lives matter. Every time I hear of another fight between police and blacks, I pray that this is the end, that somehow we can come to some kind of understanding between the parties. I don’t know how it is going to end, but pray that it does. This has been heartbreaking to so many.

And I also believe that God is the Author of life, and He is the one who decides when life should end.. It isn’t noble for someone sick or disabled to end their own life.. Taking you’re life hurts so many.



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