I’m back

We got back from my big trip last night. Honestly, I’m feeling pretty worn out. The time difference is about eight hours and so I’m making myself push through.. I have things I want to do, both with work and personal stuff. I think I am going to tell a little about the trip, and may write more about it another time.

The trip I knew that we were taking was to Cyprus. We were meeting some dear friends of ours who were gathering with a lot of people. We were having meetings and things.. i didn’t know a lot of the people, but found those I did get to know to be delightful.. Everyone that came together stayed in a hotel. There were things I liked and didn’t like about the hotel. But one thing I really did like about the hotel was the staff. They were wonderful.

The gathering was the first week of the trip, and I was pretty unclear about what that second week was going to look like. They surprised me with a quick trip to Israel. I was shocked.. We had about two and a half days there. We had our own personal guide who had lived in Jerusalem. Our guide even had a friend who lived there in the city. And this friend made us feel very very welcome.. We saw Jerusalem, exploring the Old City. I loved seeing the different places where Jesus walked.


One Response to “I’m back”

  1. Gail Alexander Says:

    I am happy you had a safe and memorable moments of a life time. Thanks for sharing. Take care.

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