Saturday thoughts

My family has had some busier weekends lately. We’ve had several things going on between family and some dear friends. I was actually supposed to be gone this weekend. My sisters and I were planning a girls’ weekend. But we were going to do this in Atlanta.. Well, they had this fire which burned a bridge which has caused even worse traffic than usual.. And as it turns out, it is not turning out to be a great weekend to do a fun trip for my sister in in college. She has a lot of studying to do and things like that.

was looking forward to the weekend with my sisters for sure. We started this last year. It’s kind of my birthday celebration with my sisters I get to decide what we have to eat and also decide what we’ll watch.. But of course, we’ll talk too.. This has been postponed, not cancelled.

And so, to be honest, I’m kind of glad. It would have been a quick trip with all my sister needs to do for school. We’ve been traveling a lot, and will be gone again next weekend, and a weekend where I’m not in the car for hours on end is nice.

I’ve been hanging out on my computer today. I have gotten through my work stuff, though I have been reading a good bit too. Tomorrow I’ll be with my friends I do things with a lot of Sundays.

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