Some Easter thoughts

My family has always been a fan of radio dramas. We grew up on Adventures in Odyssey. In that show, there was something called the imagination station, where characters could go back and witness different event throughout history.

I think if if I could go back and experience one event, it would be this weekend.. I know it would be horribly sad, but…

We know the end of this story, but the disciples didn’t. Sure, they had been there when Jesus raised Lazarus. But that was different. Jesus was the Miracle Worker, but the people had kill the wonderful Man.

They had given their lives to following this wonderful Man. But now He was gone, He was dead. No one could do anything about that, right? What were they going to do? What were they supposed to do?

I think knowing the end of the story has made… Wanted to say that it had lost some of it’s power. Thankfully, the cross has not lost its power. But can you imagine someone you dearly loved coming back fromthe dead? What incredible joy they must have felt..

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