Three things

This morning I felt like I got nowhere on anything I wanted to do today. Thankfully, coming back this afternoon, I was able to get through the business stuff I wanted to do in a couple of hours. I’m feeling better just knowing that I did get through my stuff.

  • I’m always getting e-mails about online trainings I can attend. I’m pretty careful about which ones I listen in on. And some I start and then decide that it is not something that will help my business. But yesterday I listened to something I think might really help me. The training was talking about how different businesses can help one another grow. I’ve started working through some things and really plan to do more of in the coming weeks.
  • I’m doing a lot in the business these days.. But I am getting some writing done when I need to take breaks from work, or when I’m not able to get online. I’m now working on revising one of my novels.
  • I haven’t found anything yet , but I’ve been looking into online writing classes. I want to start out with something free. I’ve been sending out some articles to different blogs.. Hopefully I am going to get better as I get more practice. But taking some classes might not be a bad idea.

I’m surprised at how quickly I got that done.

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