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Another Saturday

June 24, 2017

Life is going pretty well. Work is going pretty well. And I guess I could say the same for writing. As usual as I write this, I write this on Saturday, I’m tired and ready to be finished with everything.

Have you ever had a thought that would not leave you alone? For several weeks I’ve wondered what it would be like to be in heaven when Billy Graham dies. This is in no way a death threat or anything close. I just think that is going to be one awesome party. Can you imagine how many lives he and his group have changed? the song that keeps coming to mind is

Thank you for giving to the Lord

I am a life that was changed

Thank you for giving to the Lord

I am so glad you gave

June 10, 2017

Can I do this, Lord?

It has been a crazy week

Good and yet different at the same time

Got some good work stuff done

Not all I would have liked

Hopefully I’ll get to more next week

Thank You for giving me some time with a friend

She’s leaving for the summer

Thank You for my aides

Lunch girl is a dear friend

Dinner girl I’m not sure about

Think I have plans with a friend tomorrow

Grateful for that

And I should be registering for camp soon

Pretty sure camp is going to be I know  summer getaway


First guest blog post

June 1, 2017

We’ve had one of my brothers who lives out of town around for the last couple of weeks. It’s been fun to have him and his little family around. We’ve had a lot of fun, going out, watching movies, playing games.. I’ve kind of done my work around their schedule. Anyway, this weekend will kind of be our one last hoorah before we have to tell them good-bye. A lot of our family will be gathering.

That’s one reason I’m writing tonight.. The other reason is that I’ve had a guest blog post published today. My hope is that this is going to be the first of many. I’m trying to get the word out to everyone about this.. You can find my blog post at