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Camp memories

July 29, 2017

I’m about ready to give up on everything having to do with the computer for today..? I’ve had some computer troubles and things like that. But here is story about camp. This is mostly taken from my journal. Camp begins Monday after lunch.. I stay in the conference center which is more like a hotel than a camp, which is fine by me. The first thing I did was meet my helper. Her name was Judy. Really sweet woman.. Judy was the person who would take me wherever I wanted to to go. We were together from breakfast until I decided to get to bed. I had met her when I went last year, but we hadn’t spent a lot of time together so we took some time to talk and get to know each other. She’s a teacher, is married to a physical therapist. They have two girls. We went swimming. Katie helped us. Katie was someone that helped me with lifting, bathing, feeding.. I think we sat around and talked some more after changing. I told her and Marsha, who’s the friend that got me to camp in the first place, about my trip overseas. We had dinner together. And then it was time for our first meeting.. The theme this year was Africa.. We had ice cream after that and went to bed.. Tuesday we got up and dressed. I had some quiet time. then we went to breakfast. After breakfast, we had a large group meeting and then met in small groups. I was disappointed not to get anymore time with my small group that week.. We had lunch. And then I rested some in the nursery. We went out on a boat Tuesday afternoon. Katie took Judy and I and a couple of other girl in the car. After the boat ride, we ended up back in the nursery with Lori, Marsha’s neighbor. I think they’re pretty close and have done a lot of life together. Dinner was Mexican food. Marsha put like a salad over rice. I don’t remember sitting with anyone except the three usuals, Katie, Marsha and Judy.. I think we needed to get food down pretty quickly. Marsha was not comfortable with either of the desserts so we just skipped. It was camp shirt day and we had to take pictures. Started telling Judy about David. The camp dance was next. This was not a boy/girl thing by any means. Marsha was working with Angalee, funny how much she reminds me of Aunt Debbie.. And Mom, Judy’s daughter is Angie. Except for having shorter and less hair, she looked and felt a lot like Brooke. It was amazing how similar they feel. Angie had Katie Erwin this year.She’s autistic. Katie loves to tell jokes.. I danced some, going around in circles. But Judy and I talked a lot about the family and everything. Told her a lot of stories. Marsha gave me some smoothie.A lot of people were going swimming but I thought it would be too busy and crowded. Marsha and Katie gave me a bath and I  got on to bed.. Wednesday was the day I got quiet time done. And that was nice because I had no time the rest of the day. Had biscuit and gravy and frosted flakes. Sat with Gwendy. She’s  one of the people I feel could do more, could work from home surely. But she just watches tv and plays bingo. It’s kind of sad to me.  Wednesday was the  day the Africa people shared. It was slides and stories, no teaching to my disappointment. There was no group time either. The day started the mayhem after that. Marsha felt like she needed to stay with Angalee. And besides, Nathan was sick and they wanted him to keep to himself. So Marsha didn’t go on the trip. I ended up sitting in the car about an hour while they got us all ready. Judy was with me most the time, telling me about her two girls.. Katie drove and we had Cecelia with her helper.We had sack lunches. Marsha had asked for some different things to be put in mine. Not sure if we were given the wrong lunch or whatever.  Katie and the girls were with a different  boat. Katie felt like Cecile and I understand that. Judy and I rode with several downs guys and their helper. It took us a good while to get et me figured out. Wearing a pdf and a helmet can get complicated. By the time we had figured everything out it was time to swim. And Judy and I didn’t want to ask. We did get into some interesting discussions.. The guy that did my massage last year got me back to Katie and the girls. Got back to camp. Got changed. If I could have taken a bath by myself I would have.. Dinner was chicken, rice, vegetables and potatoe. Dessert was raspberry cheesecake. Judy and I sat around talking some more. And then I talked to the African pasor some. And then Chatequa and I talked a while.Katie, Marsha and I talked some about disability and the lack of motivation. Got to bed pretty late. Got up and had a little quiet time. Breakfast was french toast and yogurt granola with banana. We had a little worship time together. And then had a ladies tea. Didn’t eat anything there. Really enjoyed the devotion that was  read. And then we had a time of sharing. So many of the women have been blessed through camp and each other. And then it was time for the ladies lunch. Had pita with humus, and then n tomato soup.. I don’t understand why they do this, but the woman that shares seems to have this awful story. This woman’s husband was killed right around Christmas. And then her  son was kidnapped right around Valentine’s Day.I didn’t like it. Didn’t think it was encouraging at all. Had some more chicken which Katie put into the soup and then some cake.. I had my massage. Honestly that at was pretty disappointing? Feel like they were barely touching me. Katie, Judy and I did go swimming and that was nice. Then Judy and I tried to do the art. Thought that would be sometime I could write but dinner was earlier than we thought and we had to go back down without doing anything.. Dinner was salad, spaghetti, green beans and chocolate cake. Didn’t have this. It had  had to charge. Sat with a friend of Katie’s. And then it was time for the show. The Emmarts did make it. Found somewhere to charge and Kesha and I chatted through the show. The Emmarts were the family I became fast friends with last camp.  Bella, who’s four. kept hugging me. It was sweet. They made themselves leave after the show. It was hard because they wanted to visit with everyone but the girls were worn out, and of course he had a to work in the morning.. Went to the fires. Gracie Erwin had done a beautiful job singing and I got to tell her that. Judy and I talked to another helper for a while . Marsha a got me a bath herself that night.. Had some quiet the next morning.Had banana, biscuit and gravy and yogurt  granola bar. Sat with Gwendy and her family some. Think the sister and I are going to keep  up. Got a little time with Donna some. Hung out with different people… Closing meeting was a lot of pictures and stories about camp.