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Trying to do this

August 12, 2017

As usual, by this time of the week I’m ready to put down any kind of work and just relax for a while.. I know I am going to be pretty busy the next two weekends, and I don’t know if I am going to get around to this or not. We’ll see how things go. Today I think I’ll share some about my personality, I guess.

  • I like order. I like getting things done and knowing that they’re done for the day. And I feel better if all my work is done before I start reading or doing fun stuff.
  • I like enjoying my dessert last. Kind of feel disappointed if I don’t have dessert waiting for me after dinner.
  • I’m disabled and can’t feed myself, so I never eat alone. But I don’t like eating in quiet. I like listening to other people. Don’t like it when aides come in and they have nothing to say.
  • I like quiet when I’m working. Sometimes I turn music on. Other times I don’t.
  • I’m reminding myself that these last few Sundays are not normal. The friends I usually do things with are gone.. Also reminding myself that something besides the church meeting has turned up for me to do. Hopefully something will happen tomorrow.

I got stitches [long time ago]

August 5, 2017

I’ve been working pretty much this week, and as usual, I’m not sure what to do on this. But I looked up blog prompts, and decided that might be interesting enough to tell.

We lived in the mountains of North Carolina from the time I was four until I was about nine. I think this incident happened when we were back there visiting shortly after we had moved. My sister and I were visiting with one of her good friends.? I don’t remember why, and I don’t know if my sister had just started pulling me up the steps in the wheelchair. But somehow I fell and busted my chin. I remember going to the doctor’s office, not the hospital, to get my stitches.. Think my sister had to take me to get ndy’s for making me get hurt.. Don’t think she was really at fault of course..