Trying to do this

As usual, by this time of the week I’m ready to put down any kind of work and just relax for a while.. I know I am going to be pretty busy the next two weekends, and I don’t know if I am going to get around to this or not. We’ll see how things go. Today I think I’ll share some about my personality, I guess.

  • I like order. I like getting things done and knowing that they’re done for the day. And I feel better if all my work is done before I start reading or doing fun stuff.
  • I like enjoying my dessert last. Kind of feel disappointed if I don’t have dessert waiting for me after dinner.
  • I’m disabled and can’t feed myself, so I never eat alone. But I don’t like eating in quiet. I like listening to other people. Don’t like it when aides come in and they have nothing to say.
  • I like quiet when I’m working. Sometimes I turn music on. Other times I don’t.
  • I’m reminding myself that these last few Sundays are not normal. The friends I usually do things with are gone.. Also reminding myself that something besides the church meeting has turned up for me to do. Hopefully something will happen tomorrow.

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