Trying a new device

It’s kind of been an exciting week. My newest nephew came on Thursday evening. Labor was quick and that was definitely an answer to prayer.

And then yesterday I was introduced to what could be my newest communication device.. Well, I guess it’s more a question of when not if.. [Unless the Lord heals me, which I’m totally opened to.]

I’ve always gone with Prentke Romich devices, and they’ve never let me down. Not only do the devices seem like the best products out there, their support people are awesome. And I mean everyone from sales to service.

When my device broke this past summer, the speech-language pathologist I’ve been with for several years suggested that we go on and start looking at another device.

I’ve known there was a way to use the communication device with only your eyes.. I wear a hat that has a stick on top of it. I can not remember a time when that was not how I’ve communicated. But we’re giving this Eye Gaze thing a try.. It’s an adjustment for sure. Trying to learn that and a new device is going to be a good bit of work. I’ve only had the device two days so far. I am going to be practicing some each day.. We will see


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