Where I’ve been

The past two weekends we’ve been visiting with family. I’ve gotten to meet my newest nephew. He’s exactly one month old today, and he and his big brother are both real cuties.

I posted on Facebook over a week ago that I had a big decision to make about the communication device. Thankfully I do have some time, and some help, to figure this out. The thing is, I’m using a loaner communication device. Mine is in the shop. Do we ask my insurance to repair mine if we are going to need to ask for a new device in next year or so? That seems like a waste for everyone.

I’ve kind of tried the new device for a week or so.. I say kind of because I was only able to use the eye gaze system. My pointer, the thing I’ve communicated with since I was a tiny girl, doesn’t want to work on the new communication device. So I didn’t get any real time to figure out the new system.

The thing is, obviously we don’t know how much longer my communication device is going to work. I’m just not sure what to do about all this. I’m talking with my speech-language pathologist and the people at the company to try to figure something out

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