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My Christmas letter

December 23, 2017

Dear friends,

Let’s see, one big thing was going to Cyprus, with a surprise side trip to Israel this past February. This was my first time to leave our own country, and I was not disappointed. We went to be part of a conference for a missionary group that I’ve always loved. The an conference took place the first week we were over there, and we gotten to make a quick trip to Israel the second week. We’re actually about to go back for the conference in January this year.

Another highlight was getting to go to camp again this. That was in July. For me, camp is about helping families of people with disabilities see their loved one’s value. It’s also a great time to relax and enjoy some fun and laughter. I’m hoping this becomes an annual event for me.

With all my grandparents gone, I’m grateful to say that we’re still keeping in touch with our larger families. We spent my birthday weekend with Mom’s family. We’ve also gotten to see Dad’s brother this fall. We’ve gathered with different ones of my siblings throughout the year, and I always enjoy those times. We’ve also added two more nephews to the family this year. We are going to gather with most my siblings in January, and I’m looking forward to that.

I’m in kind of a complicated place with work. I need to make some decisions about work and where to go with all of that. One of the things I’m pretty sure I am going to be looking into more is writing articles and being paid for them. I will get more serious about working after January and all our celebrations.

I’m also looking for a newer friend group to be part of at church. I’ve had one of the friends I used to spend a lot of time with move away to help take care of her in laws. She does come back to town, and we get together whenever she’s around.

The other big thing in my life is my communication device broke about the time I was getting ready to go to to camp. Thankfully, I did get a loaner by the time camp started. But my device was older than we thought, and after a lot of discussion and back and forth, we’ve decided to get a new device.


I want to end by wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.




December 16, 2017

I’m amazed. It’s a little after one, and I’ve finished everything I want important with work. now to take care of personal e-mail and Facebook. I also need to get some practice in on the new communication device I’m trying.

The new communication device.. Let me try to explain where I am on that. My communication device broke in July, and thankfully I’ve been able to get a loaner device. But as far as technology goes, my device is old, and the repair I need is expensive. I need to get a new device, it’s kind of the next thing. I have a lot to learn on this new device. First of all, this is a new kind of screen, and I’m trying to learn that. The new communication device also has a computer inside of it. The computer has been upgraded to Windows ten.. There is a whole lot to learn and figure out. It’s slow going for sure.

Things have changed in my life. The friend I did things with most Sundays has moved.. I never work on Sunday, but sometimes I’ll get lazy on Saturdays and save personal e-mail and Facebook for Sunday.. I like getting out of the house as much as I can on Sundays, to do things with friends. But sometimes that just does not work out.

Christmas memories

December 9, 2017

Christmas has always been one of my favorite times of year. I love the decorations. I love the plays. I love the Hallmark Christmas movies. I love the parties.

When I was growing up, the parties and plays seemed to be kind of a prelude.. We used to go to my grandparents each Christmas. We lived farther away than my aunts and their families, so my family would get to my grandparents a few days earlier. Both sets of grandparents lived in the same small town. I loved being with my Mom’s parents. For me, it was a great time to read, enjoy watching movies and relaxing.

Dad’s parents used to have these big dinners. It was my parents and siblings, Dad’s brother and his family, and then whoever else. Granny loved to make these huge dinners. She made t wonderful country cooking meals

I think I am going to stop here and get back to this next week.