I’m making myself do this since I’ve taken so much time off. We are going to get together with some friends later, and so I’m kind of racing through the things I need to do so I can go and just enjoy some time just hanging out with friends. I’m not getting out much lately and so I’m looking forward to this evening.

Part of our gathering we are going to go to a nursing home.. My mom’s parents used to live in a retirement home. They lived in a small apartment and joined their fellow resident for dinner most evenings. Grandma was still driving, and I think they enjoyed their time in the home until Grandma needed more help with Grandpa. It was kind of fun to visit them there because it was kind of a cute place. My brother and I used to go to their activity room and play Wii and pool. Okay, I would just watch.

To me me, nursing homes feel sad. It seem like they’re in the hospital, and sometimes they aren’t even sick. I wonder if their family comes and visits them? Do they get to go on outings? Do they get to go to their church?


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