More about Blue

I’m finished with work for today, and I’m very pleased to say that things are going a lot better on my new communication device. I’ve decided to call my new communication device Blue. And the reason for that is when we first learned that I was to get the new device, that our request for funding had been approved, the company called Mom. And she came back to ask me what color I wanted the device to be.. I was so excited to be getting the new device. The device I was borrowing was doing what I needed it to, but I knew that it was slowly dying.

I am doing a lot better on access. There is kind of a funny story about that. I started using Blue on Wednesday. And I felt myself getting better some each day, but I was still quite slow.. Monday afternoon I had the brilliant thought that we might need to adjust the positioning of the the device. Adjusting that helped more than I thought it would. Felt kind of silly for not having thought of that sooner.

Several of my siblings and Mom and are going to get together with some old friends this week. These are friends I used to go to grade school with, and we’d play together after school a lot of afternoons. I’m looking forward to the time with family and friends.


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