I have no excuses for not doing this last week except that I was tired and couldn’t figure out what to write about. I am going to do better this week.

Our family had a dear family friend die very unexpectedly about a month ago. Today I thought I’d share some memorial of his life.

I know that I’ve shared about our time in Tennessee and being asked to leave. Our friend, Derrick, was the one that came to pastor that tiny church. He brought his bride, Wendy, and he was still going through seminary. I remember how much more I enjoyed that little church because of what they brought. It felt more like a home church because they brought life to it.

We did get asked to leave that church, and for a time Derrick and Wendy stayed around to see that our little church still had care. We were hurt and not sure what we were going to do. They helped our group find another church home.

We’ve kept in touch with them through e-mail and then Facebook. Occasionally we would either go see them, or they would come to visit.

The one other thing that truly impressed about Derrick is that he chose to stay beside Wendy when her health declined. These are things you would think would not be a worry for them for thirty more years, but sometimes the Lord has other plans. I have no idea why the Lord chose to take him. Please pray for their family.


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