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Camp on my mind

October 27, 2018

Being disabled is hard. You’re limited in what you can do. Sometimes you’ll almost live in pain. You can often get frustrated by your limitations.

And yet sometimes, it’s not the disabled person that really suffers most. Sometimes the disabled person isn’t truly aware of what’s going on. But oh the family knows. Care giving is something you have to do day in and day out. It’s not like you can leave your disabled person behind. Something as simple as going out to eat as a family becomes complicated or even impossible. Take a vacation? How does a family with a disabled person do that?

The people who run the camp I’ve gone to a few years now understands that. This camp is a place where families can relax and enjoy being together. The disabled person is well taken care of. I am going to get to go to the camp reunion next weekend, and I can hardly wait.

October 22, 2018

October twenty-second is one of my sister’s birthdays. I am blessed to have three sisters and four brothers. Until I was around nine, I only had one sister. And I kind of thought we would always be a two child family. Boy, am I glad that was not all the Lord had for me. I love when my whole family gets together. It doesn’t happen often because everyone is spread out. Thankfully, one of my sisters does live here, and we get together most Sundays. My other two sisters live in the Atlanta area. And I love going up there and being with them, doing whatever they are doing.

My sister whose birthday it is is always up for a party. She loves to bring us treats from different restaurants. She also does a lot of traveling. She loves to explore new places, try new food and things like that.

When I was turning forty, she had to go to a wedding and couldn’t come to my birthday party. Instead she had us sisters get together at her place another weekend. We had a lot of good food, and we watched a lot of movies. We try to do weekends like that a couple of times a year now.

October 13, 2018

Church has always been a big part of my life. Sunday we are going to have the party celebrating, or honoring may be more the word I’m looking for, our pastor and his wife moving on in their life. Our church is part of the Free Methodist denomination. Our pastor is taking a new role within the denomination. We have known about the change for about eighteen month, so this is not a sudden thing at all. I am very good friends with his wife, so I thought I’d share some about our journey together. I first met Pam through a bible study a friend took me to. Pam was expecting her first child by then. It was a couple of years later that we ended up at the church they had started. Theirs was the first small group I attended. Her younger son and my youngest brother grew up together as best friends they played together as babies and are still close to this day. Pam helped me go on retreats which were always so much fun. We’ve spent countless hours together doing life. Pam is also my neighbor, and they aren’t moving from there yet. I’m glad of that.

October 6, 2018

Sometimes it is nice to go back and remember… When I was young and went to school, I had aides who would come into my class with me. They would help me write down my assignments, because at that time computers were rare.. Classes were lucky if we had one or two in our room. I never dreamed I would have one of my own. My first communication devices were poster boards with lots of words on them. I got my first electronic communication device when I was in the second grade.

But anyway, my aides would also take me to the bathroom and feed me. I was young when all this was taking place, so I do not remember this clearly, but I think I had gone through a season where we were changing aides pretty quickly, maybe every six weeks. [Looking at that, having an aide that would stay for even six weeks would be nice.]

But when I was in the second grade we had someone come to stay. Her name was Jan, and she became a chief confidante. Maybe part of that was because I had a communication device. Maybe part of it was because she was a strong Christian, and I was Exploring my faith at that time.. But she became a friend, and we would do things besides seeing each other at school. I would go to her house for a couple of days at a time. She was someone I would write letters to for years to come.