Sometimes it is nice to go back and remember… When I was young and went to school, I had aides who would come into my class with me. They would help me write down my assignments, because at that time computers were rare.. Classes were lucky if we had one or two in our room. I never dreamed I would have one of my own. My first communication devices were poster boards with lots of words on them. I got my first electronic communication device when I was in the second grade.

But anyway, my aides would also take me to the bathroom and feed me. I was young when all this was taking place, so I do not remember this clearly, but I think I had gone through a season where we were changing aides pretty quickly, maybe every six weeks. [Looking at that, having an aide that would stay for even six weeks would be nice.]

But when I was in the second grade we had someone come to stay. Her name was Jan, and she became a chief confidante. Maybe part of that was because I had a communication device. Maybe part of it was because she was a strong Christian, and I was Exploring my faith at that time.. But she became a friend, and we would do things besides seeing each other at school. I would go to her house for a couple of days at a time. She was someone I would write letters to for years to come.

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