October twenty-second is one of my sister’s birthdays. I am blessed to have three sisters and four brothers. Until I was around nine, I only had one sister. And I kind of thought we would always be a two child family. Boy, am I glad that was not all the Lord had for me. I love when my whole family gets together. It doesn’t happen often because everyone is spread out. Thankfully, one of my sisters does live here, and we get together most Sundays. My other two sisters live in the Atlanta area. And I love going up there and being with them, doing whatever they are doing.

My sister whose birthday it is is always up for a party. She loves to bring us treats from different restaurants. She also does a lot of traveling. She loves to explore new places, try new food and things like that.

When I was turning forty, she had to go to a wedding and couldn’t come to my birthday party. Instead she had us sisters get together at her place another weekend. We had a lot of good food, and we watched a lot of movies. We try to do weekends like that a couple of times a year now.


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